Functions to Delay Binding

In the previous article, the discussion of lambda calculus is a bit misleading. We're not using lambda calculus terms as the intermediate representation. We're being inspired »

Phrases as Functions

Parsing simple sentences in Prolog, you get grammars that look kind of like this: sentence --> np, vp. np --> pronoun. np --> »

APL Symbol Fetishism

All other things being equal (they're not, but let's pretend), APL will always have a cult of appreciation because it represents really the only time programming »

Prolog's Eternal September

I realized recently that the way I have been handling answers to Prolog questions on Stack Overflow contravenes the rules. I don't mind ignoring rules if »

Next Generation Unix Tools

Here's some Unix tools everybody should know about. They're third-party and not especially well-known. fish fish - the friendly interactive shell "Finally, a shell for the »