How it Went Badly

The architect at my work recently handed a prototype he build to me and I was instructed to maintain it. In so doing, I have found »

SQL Is Not The Problem

This is adapted from a comment I left on Hacker News. Why don't we replace SQL with some other, better query language, perhaps something "equally powerful" »

Smoking Meat

I got one of these things for Christmas from my wife's family secret santa: The way this thing works is pretty interesting. At the bottom are »

What is Reification?

Reification is a concept that gets realized in programming in a handful of different ways. 1. Reification in RDF In RDF, reification takes claims like "John »

Functions to Delay Binding

In the previous article, the discussion of lambda calculus is a bit misleading. We're not using lambda calculus terms as the intermediate representation. We're being inspired »

Phrases as Functions

Parsing simple sentences in Prolog, you get grammars that look kind of like this: sentence --> np, vp. np --> pronoun. np --> »