Various J expressions

Decreasing sequences It occurred to me that I could think of two ways to generate a decreasing sequence. The built-in i. will do this: i. _7 »

Collatz in J

We can improve slightly on the Collatz examples of Chapter 10 of Learning J by noting that, while taking a function power of infinity produces the »

Newton's Method

Let's talk about ΩeΩ = 1. Here's a great blackpenredpen video about calculating this value: This got me thinking about J, because it has some interesting "adverbs" »

Some Books about Religion

The following books have made an impression on me and my beliefs. Biblical Literacy by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. This book gives you a synopsis of the »

Radio Networking

I've been investigating radio networking a bit lately for a side project I'm thinking about. This summarizes what I've learned. Different radio networking technologies in the »

Bisecting a List

How would you chop a linked list in half? A trivial approach would be to just get the length of the list and then walk the »